ALM Advertising is a specialized, data-driven agency dedicated to increasing website traffic and, refereed importantly, maximizing conversion through thoughtful implementation of the latest SEO and SEM efforts. Unlike other SEM and SEO companies that focus solely on optimization, SEO News creates a complete online marketing strategy for your site that’s aimed at maximizing conversions and delivering the best possible ROI.

Based in New Delhi, India, ALM Advertising moved from an online marketing consultancy to a full-service SEO and SEM provider in 2007, and today employs both a full time staff and a contingent of highly skilled freelancers, all of whom are dedicated to providing the highest quality SEO and SEM services available.

Who We Are

We are an experienced search marketing firm sworn to making websites more visible and profitable. We have been tackling sites head-on, researching & implementing the sharpest tools and techniques in the industry to put our clients ahead of their online competition. Backed by our team of search engine optimization executives, business units experience refreshing hikes in organic website traffic, brand awareness, and ultimately – conversions and revenue.

Our Philosophy


We believe in first page rankings. We believe in generating phenomenal leads. We believe in going big online. We believe in significant ROI. We believe in colossal traffic.

Our Mission


To advance towards visibility and profitability of our clients’ websites and their online brands.

Our A-Z Process

Our Process is segmented & organized In 5 important Phases

Phase 1. Analysis of Network
The first phase in the process is an analysis of your network of websites, including historical research and an analysis of your domain portfolio. This network may include older versions of your site, sites acquired through acquisitions, other divisions of your company, etc. We then strategies for rescuing popularity of the list link & for ensuring that entire network is deployed & interlinked optimally.

Phase 2. Competitive Analysis of Keywords
The second phase in the process is a thorough analysis of the searching behavior of your potential visitors to identify the actual keyword terms and phrases your potential customers are using. As part of the targeting process, we conduct a detailed competitive analysis of the sites currently winning for the targeted keywords to understand their strengths and identify competitors’ weaknesses we can exploit to win long term.

Phase 3. Tech Analysis
A thorough technology audit to ensure that the construction of your site – including the coding, navigation structure and other elements – is as friendly to the search engine spiders as possible is the next phase.

Phase 4. Development of Content & its Optimization
In phase 4 we conduct an analysis of your existing content – both online and offline. We design a content development plan that is aligned with the keyword research in order to to drive improved organic rankings. We can manage the resulting content management plan, or you can use your internal resources to do so.

Phase 5. Code & Site Optimization
The fifth phase in the process is the redevelopment of your website. With over 12 years of experience in web design and development, we have learned first-hand what it takes to deliver a solution successfully—one that’s on time, on budget, and exceeds expectations. Our proven approach starts with identifying your needs, designing an innovative solution around them, and managing uncertainty throughout via a process of adaptive software development.